February 12, 2014

Target Clearance Frames & Waterlogue prints

I have mentioned many times before my love of clearance items at Target.  Seriously, it's an addiction.  Add to that the pictures I printed using the Waterlogue app, and that makes for a happy day for me.

 I wanted to get some prints made of the pictures I created using the popular app.  I didn't want them to be glossy.  Or look like photographs.  And I wanted them today.  Well, duh.  There is a printer sitting there next to me.  I should print them on my very own printer!  I purchased some linen business cover stock at Office Depot and proceeded to print out some of my favorites. The linen paper adds a great texture to these prints.  I love the way houses come out with this app.  So I scanned some pictures of the houses we have renovated and put them all in one frame.  This now resides in our foyer.  I love being able to see all that we accomplished in one frame.  I look at these pictures and see a load of sweat equity and a ton of amazing memories.  We brought our babies home to our first two homes.  And the middle house with the front porch that Billy built me for my 30th Birthday ten years ago, well I think that may always be my favorite.  My babies were babies in that house.

Frame from HomeGoods- $19.99

Now, to add to the joy that this Waterlogue app had brought to my life, I also stumbled down the picture frame aisle and found tons of frame marked down 75% off.  Oh happy day.  Here's what I have done with a few.

Front frame (green print) was under $5.  I added a Waterlogued pic of a local church in the Fall.  The "Love & Family" frame was also purchased on clearance just after Christmas.   

Black frame with linen matte-$9.  I printed an 8x10 picture of the upstate house.   I have seriously considered having this picture painted.  Love that this app allowed me to get the same effect for so much less.

These frames were marked down to $3.  They are so versatile because with some added scrapbook paper as a matte, there are so many fun things you could do with this frame.  I added it to our gallery wall going upstairs.

I am working on one more collage of, you guessed it, clearance frames, in our Master Bedroom.  We are also beginning to finish our front entryway.  

All great projects start with spackle, masking tape and a level.  That black bench needs to find a new home.  And now that I am looking at this picture, we need to address the brass knob on our front door, too.  (Sorry, Billy, I forgot to mention that...but isn't it great that we can communicate here?) We have some fun things planned and I can't wait to get started.


  1. That app is so amazing Courtney- I really have to give it a try. Your photos turned out beautifully!

  2. Those all look great! Everybody has gone gaga over that app. I need to try it out. Your gallery wall at the stairs looks fantastic.

  3. They look great Courtney! That app has brought me so much joy as well! Stay safe tomorrow - the snow is on its way! I just got the call that school is cancelled.