October 24, 2013

Full Circle

Yesterday, a national magazine came to take pictures of our Master Bathroom...

Growing up, my mother always had home magazines laying around our house.  My parents were hard working and there wasn't a lot of time or money left over to work on our house.  But my mom was always making our spaces nicer with window treatments she made herself or later her beautiful stained glass.  I would study those home magazines.  I would rearrange the furniture in my bedroom.  I would dream of living in one of the spaces photographed in those magazines.

I went to school to be a teacher but after having 3 kids and renovating a couple of houses, I finally realized that home design was really my passion.  I took a few night classes in interior design at our local college and came home thoroughly confused.  At the time, interior design felt a bit materialistic to me.  It wasn't what I expected.  So I stopped taking classes and continued to feed my passion by working on our own house.  We moved again and there were LOTS of projects in our new house to keep me busy for years.  The latest project in that house was our bathroom.

Yesterday, a national magazine came to take pictures of our Master Bathroom.

A bathroom that I designed (with some help from my husband) and my husband built (with some help from me).  There were MANY bumps along the way.  Like when my husband's foot came through the ceiling while I was doing homework with the kids in the kitchen.  DIY-ing definitely has its trying moments.

We did it all ourselves on a relatively small budget.  We are not trained professionals (or experts as Martha Stewart would point out).  Yet, a magazine said they wanted to take pictures of it!  Kind of crazy, kind of amazing.  Tomorrow, I will be back to share some more details about the photo shoot.   


  1. Courtney

    I found your blog through the feature on Stone Gable this morning. Lovely home! And I could not help from laughing (and sympathizing ) about the husband's foot through the ceiling story. Same thing happened to mine when we reno'd our upstairs bath 4 years ago!

    Not meaning to reply as anonymous!


    1. Hi Dottie,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! We will always remember the day his foot came through the ceiling and I'm sure you will when your husband's did too. We had to laugh, what else can you do? :)

    2. Well,at first I laughed.....until I realized he could be really HURT! but then he laughed and I ran for the camera....a funny memory and good story about home DIY.