September 2, 2013

Ready for a Fresh New Start {With New Paint}

I love the time I get to spend with my boys in the summer.  And I also love when it's time for school to start and I can focus more time on projects around the house (and this blog!).  When we returned home last week from spending a good chunk of time away this summer, I was itching to get started on some projects.  Our main project for this Fall is going to be (finally) finishing our master bedroom.  I wrote a post about our plans and I can't wait to get started on that.

We decided to paint the kitchen level of our split level house.  It has been on our to-do list for about a year now and I wasn't looking forward to it.  I wanted to get rid of the gold-ish color and have more neutral walls.  Plus, the walls were in sad shape from scuffs and the usual wear and tear.  Here's the color (Camel by Behr) before...

Behr camel paint with faux fireplace with stacked logs

This room has been the most confusing space to configure for me!  First, when we completed our family room, we thought we weren't a "formal living room" kind of family and used the space as a dining room.  Guess what?  Turns out we aren't a "formal dining room" kind of family either.  So we took down the wall between our kitchen and (what was currently) the dining room and decided we needed more of a "hang out" space for our boys.  So now it is all one room with a kitchen/eating/sitting area.  I "think" I am happy with this set-up.  I reserve the right to change my mind...again.  My husband is a saint for putting up with me.

So back to painting.  We decided to use Behr's Castle Path.  It is a greige color and it really changed the space.  It feels so much lighter and fresher.

Painting with 3 boys at the end of summer break probably wasn't my best idea.  But, I felt like it just HAD to get done.  Now.

We also moved the old Ikea sofa that was in our bedroom down to this room.  I like how much lighter and brighter the room feels and this sofa is comfy!  We also mounted a tv above our faux fireplace.  We hid all the wires including the cable box.

Behr Castle Path paint with faux fireplace with stacked birch wood logs and tv mounted over fireplace with preserved boxwoods

I need to figure out something for window coverings.  There were sheers hanging on the empty clips you see in the picture below, but they were a gold tone so need to be replaced.

Behr Castle Path paint, Ikea Hovas sofa, faux fireplace with stacked wood birch logs via www.goldenboysandme,com

Green farmhouse open hutch in open floor kitchen -

Shaw farm sink with wreath above sink and Behr Castle Path paint -

I am considering planking the wall behind these chairs that is open to the stairs to the foyer/family room.  I also want to plank a wall in our bedroom.  I am wondering if I am taking the planking trend too far and I will regret it??

stenciled ampersand pillow with striped throw in leather chair with Behr Castle Path paint via

ikea hovas sofa, target tablecloth as curtain panels, lantern style light

I am so glad this project is done (for now).  It was so worth it!
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  1. Gorgeous! And I love the planking idea! I also thought about a painting project to do while my kids were home from school but considering that they would want to "help", I decided to wait until school starts!

  2. Amazing how just that paint changed the look of the room! (And I have to ask about your fireplace d├ęcor...those "logs", are they the fabric from IKEA? Did you mount it on something, frame it, how did you do that???)

  3. I love that fireplace! It's the perfect answer for someone who doesn't have a real fireplace and doesn't want a gas/electric one! And I know just the place to get a mantle. Definitely keeping this in mind.
    Wait. I just read Denise's comment. Are those logs not real? Are they fabric? I thought you cut logs the right length so they would all fit.

    1. Thank Nikki! I do love what the fireplace adds to the space. The logs are real...birch logs cut down to size and stacked in there. I saw the fabric that Denise mentioned at Ikea and it did look just like that!

    2. Wow! Those logs are so perfectly stacked in there--I'm impressed that you cut them all to length! We don't have birch trees so I may have to go with the fabric! LOL!

    3. Thank you for your response!

  4. I love it! And I think the planking would look kind of cool to cover the banister the chairs are sitting against. But, hey, maybe I'm weird that way.
    Great job.

  5. wait a minute, where did the clock go ?

  6. I have always loved this room Courtney and now I love it even more! The new color is great and I love the look of the Ikea sofa/pillows. I hope you don't decide to change the flow of this space - I think it's great how you've created an open concept great room. So many of us wish we could do that!
    Keep up the good work!

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