January 15, 2019

DIY Pot Rack Tutorial (Finally!)

Hello and Happy New Year! I am starting off 2019 with a DIY post that I have been meaning to put together for quite some time. It was #1 on my Blog To-Do list for the new year so here we go!
I have loved the idea of both the country style and functionality of a pot rack for years.  However, I held off because I worried that it might close in the ceiling and make our kitchen feel smaller. But my main concern was that it might just seem too kitschy and cluttered. And then one day I decided to just go for it - not really sure we would end up keeping it. Many of our projects start out that way - we figure what do we have to lose? Worst case scenario is we end up spackling some extra holes in the ceiling, right? We didn't have any sort of plan to go on other than a couple of old pictures from country magazines found on Pinterest. I knew I wanted it to be wood rather than metal, more rustic than refined - and have space to display some fun decorative items above the pots.
Here's a list of the supplies we used, all purchased at Home Depot.
We started by building the frame of the pot rack from 1x3's made of pine that we stained using Minwax stain that we already had on hand from other projects (color Special Walnut). Our pot rack measures 60"x 20.5" because we wanted it to be a slightly smaller rectangle than our island (which measures 64"x38" including the granite overhang). We used screws that we countersunk to connect the three 19 inch pine cross pieces. We didn't worry about seeing the holes for the screws because we wanted it to look rustic. You can see the screws in the close-up below.
On the corners, we attached 2" metal corner braces that we found at Home Depot to add more rustic charm. Then, we added some chicken wire to the top of the rack with staples, again for that country look and so I could display some fun items. Finally, we attached 4 metal hooks to each corner.
We knew the pot rack needed to be sturdy so we also attached two 1x3 planks of pine directly to the studs in the ceiling using screws. Then we attached 4 of the same hooks on the pot rack to the ceiling planks. We used chain, purchased at Home Depot, to connect the hooks on the ceiling to the hooks on the pot rack.
Then came the fun part - accessories! I picked up these hooks in the houseplant section of Home Depot and they ended up working well enough. They came in a 2 pack and it seems like I never have enough! I just found this package of hooks on Amazon and they seem like a much better value. I simply hang the hook from the chicken wire and then hang the item from the other side of the hook.
I've been slowly adding some copper pots to my collection and I change up the top shelf items with the seasons. But the best part is the function it adds. On the backside, I have lots of useful items like a colander, tea pot, cheese grater and measuring spoons. It's great to be able to just reach up and grab what I need when I am working in the kitchen.
My very favorite season with the pot rack so far was fall. I think the copper works best with the colors and warm light of fall!
Overall, this project was quick and affordable and added so much style and much needed storage to our country kitchen.


  1. Oh I was so excited to see this in my email this morning! Our kitchen is way too small, but I love seeing the process come together. Gets my juices flowing for more projects. I loooooove the copper, and that Fall photo was just spectacular. We are currently in the process of planning out a fireplace redo in our living room (not the twin, haha) Looking to get rid of the dark drab brick we have and refresh with white delft style tiles with flower and bird motif. I am so excited. Probably won't happen until Spring though. I noticed you have the same silver kettle as me hanging up there. Last year for Christmas I begged a little for a way too expensive kettle, but I have to say, it is the jewel of our kitchen. The simplex copper kettle. So, if you are ever feeling an itch and splurge for something totally unnecessary, but, necessary, I highly recommend! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me! Happiest New Year to you and your family!

  2. I have always admired your kitchen you make it seem so easy to change it up for the seasons... Love the copper! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing... your home is gorgeous!! My husband has always loved the look of pot racks, so it may not be too hard to convince him to build us one :)

  4. Your kitchen is just dreamy, Courtney, and I love the new color on the island. What a great idea for a potrack, I thought it was a ladder you had cut down, didn't know you built it, great job! I love, love, love the potracks I installed in my kitchen - it's so handy having all my pots and pans right where I can grab exactly what I need in a second, rather than pulling 50 things out of a cabinet to get to one thing!!

  5. I love everything about your kitchen Courtney. The pot rack is beautiful. I wish I had room to have one of these.
    Have a great week.

  6. This is AWESOME! I have always wanted a pot rack, but most are either not my style or too expensive for me to afford. This is perfect! I absolutely LOVE your kitchen! It is so pretty and farmhouse which I love! Sometimes with farmhouse it can be too "rustic" but your kitchen is a dream! I could spend all day just sitting in your kitchen!

  7. I was wondering how tall your kitchen ceiling is and how far down did you hang the pot rack? Still my favorite room in your home but it is all so lovely.

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