April 11, 2018

Does Anybody Have a Map?

Billy and I saw the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen a few weeks back and I can't ever remember being touched in quite the same way at a show. At one point, I realized I was sitting on the edge of my seat, completely enthralled in the emotions of the performance. One of the songs is titled, Does Anybody Have a Map? - and that line has been on repeat in my mind since hearing it. It feels like that should be the title of the chapter of life I am currently in.

When big changes are happening in life, I tend to get quiet and focus on family and that is the stage I am at right now. So, as you might have noticed, I have stepped away a bit from this blog. I think it can be important to take a break from things like paint colors and throw pillows from time to time. I hope my love of those things (and the time to dedicate to them) will return sometime soon.
I have been focusing on nature and time with my guys, both equally soothing for me.
We spent a week in the mountains over spring break and that felt so good. We had a couple of big snowstorms (yup, the calendar does indeed say April - I checked a few times!). But there is no denying Mother Nature's beauty, even if we are craving warmer weather.
We also enjoyed a couple of days of brilliant blue sunshine. Days full of hope and promise for a bright future. We took a ride over the bridge into Vermont on one glorious day. We didn't really have a plan, just a desire to see someplace new and take a few pictures. First, we drove through Addison, VT which is just on the other side of Lake Champlain from New York. You can see the snow covered Adirondacks in the picture below just beyond the church.
Our travels took us across the state and through Stowe on this day, a quintessential Vermont village.
We grabbed lunch here and it was even warm enough to walk around the village a bit.
We explored a few back roads.  

And then headed back to NY just as the sun was setting in the Adirondacks.
Back in the frozen tundra of the Adirondacks for the remainder of the week, we took time to explore some new trails and plan some fun adventures for the summer.
And I thought maybe, just maybe, having a map is overrated anyway. Maybe the best parts of the journey are letting go and seeing where the road takes us, even if it is winding.  And snow covered. In Spring :)


  1. Courtney I have followed and enjoyed your blog for many years and I wish you peace as you move into a new season of life. Changes can be unsettling but know they help us to grow. By choosing to focus on family You have "mapped" the best course for getting through these changes and I wish you the very best.

    1. Thank you so much for following along on this journey. Your comment this morning is very much appreciated and I know you are right about focusing on family :). Have a wonderful day!

  2. What a beautiful post..... Sooooo there really is still a "Small Town" America out there ... and oh how beautiful and soothing and peaceful ...... Thank you so much for sharing these pictures .... and enjoy your season of "Break"

    1. Thanks Lisa! Vermont is just full of these little towns - it's truly awesome. My favorites are the lesser known ones that we stumble upon while taking the back roads.

  3. Yep Courtney sometimes we need to listen to our heart and follow that path. I really enjoyed seeing what you did over Spring break. What a beautiful journey. I am beginning to think we midwest and eastern peeps are not going to have 4 season and will now just have Winter and Summer. With Spring not being able to win the tug of war with old man winter I am thinking we might just go from winter to summer!!!! I am glad you chose to "have a map" and follow your heart and devote time at this point in life with family. You will never regret that. The throw pillows won't mind!! Happy Thursday Courtney. Have a great rest of the week. Big hugs.

  4. It is so lovely there! You are so wise, Courtney! Life passes so quickly and your family is growing are following where your heart takes you! xoxo

  5. I immediately recognized that picture of the church in Stowe that was taken from a distance; I took the same picture 3 years ago. I just love your blog because it feels like home - it soothes my soul and I love each new post. I wish you and your family the best.

  6. What a beautiful post for so many reasons. The weather has been crazy this year, hasn't it? I am going to try to make it up to Stowe this summer or fall. That's when we tend to do most of our Vermont exploring since no one wants to "waste" any precious ski time! Those boys!

    I would love to see that show too. I just heard some wonderful things about it. My friends and I were in the city this weekend to see Mean Girls. It was such a fun show and perfect for a group of friends. Enjoy your week - stay dry!

  7. OMG its sooo beautiful there! What great scenery!

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